Avenging the Week: Heritage

Songs of the Week

Looking To The Future from 1283210117 on 8tracks Radio.

Quote of the Week

I wish I had something more to say about the fact that Michael Dunn was not convicted or killing a black boy. Except I said it after George Zimmerman was not convicted of killing a black boy. Except the parents of black boys already know this. Except the parents of black boys have long said this, and they have been answered with mockery.

Jordan Davis had a mother and a father. It did not save him. Trayvon Martin had a mother and a father. They could not save him. My son has a father and mother. We cannot protect him from our country, which is our aegis and our assailant. We cannot protect our children because racism in America is not merely a belief system but a heritage, and the inability of black parents to protect their children is an ancient tradition.

-Ta-Nehisi Coates, with a powerful response to the acquittalmistrial in the recent Michael Dunn murder case. Mr. Dunn shot Jordan Davis, a 17 year old teenager, to death over a dispute about loud music in Florida. As African Americans, we live in a country that does not value our lives.

Images of the Week

2014-02-10 08.20.50

-Matt Kindt, Mind Mgmt #17. I love how Kindt’s art evokes the confusion and uncertainty felt by his characters. It reminds you that a world filled with psychic triple and double reverse quadruple spies is inherently unreliable. Kindt also uses the sci-fi, almost pulpy premise to explore the after-effects of trauma. All of the story’s main characters are survivors of physical, emotional and/or psychic abuse, and Kindt shows how they struggle to manage their trauma and their fractured, unreliable memories. The watercolor images with imprecise borders and subliminal messages give the story a dream-like quality that inspires a sense of liberation and terror.

2014-02-12 18.38.49-Salvador Larocca, with color art by Frank Martin and letters by VC’s Cory Petit, Avengers #26. Written by Jonathan Hickman. The story of Frankenstein’s Monster never gets old. I enjoy Hickman’s run on this book, but I find myself more interested in his ideas than his stories. I’m fascinated by the notion of morally ambiguous explorer class Super Adaptoids, but after the failed promise of the Future Foundation and the Universal Inhumans, I’m a little wary.

2014-02-13 07.53.32

-Esad Ribic, with color art by Ive Svorcina and letters by VC’s Sabino, Thor: God of Thunder #19. Words by Jason Aaron. Thor might be the best pure superhero action-adventure book that Marvel’s putting out right now, and one reason might be that Aaron isn’t trying to write a superhero book at all. It’s pure 1970’s Conan-style gods and monsters pulp with modern sensibilities. Ribic’s Thor is muscular and dynamic, a real force of nature. You’re left convinced that he can do anything, from controlling the weather to felling a frost giant to slaying a god killer who wiped out pantheons of gods. Even though the characters couldn’t be more dissimilar, Aaron and Ribic’s  beautifully paced and inventive action sequences, the audacious premises and seemingly unstoppable villains evoke memories of the Bronze Age era of Superman books.

2014-02-13 16.38.20

-Roland Boschi, with color art by Chris Chuckry, letters by VC’s Clayton Cowles, Winter Soldier: The Bitter March, Part One. Words by Rick Remender. An old-school espionage yarn, perfectly told.

Videos of the Week

H.E.R. (She Gon’ Trip), a cool collage of hip-hop lines about love/relationships by Spec Boogie. Directed by Spec Boogie and Berman Fenelus. via egotrip. Please note, the video features some nudity and probably isn’t safe for work.

Love Is More Than A Wedding Day, Cody ChesnuTT, from Landing on A Hundred. via okayplayer.

Comics Quote of the Week

“I appreciate the fact that Bruce Banner, like Matt, finally put his foot down one day and said, “I am not going to be the victim of circumstance anymore.” I think a lot of the problems that Bruce has – his sense of identity, sense of helplessness, feeling like a victim to his situation – are far more ingrained in him than we realize. MyThrillbent partner John Rogers likes to say, “The most addictive feeling in the world is feeling hard-done by.” To buy into the notion that fate is fate and there’s nothing you can do to take control of your life. It’s a very human way of dealing with problems, but it’s not a very heroic way of dealing with them. That’s what characterized my rethinking of Matt Murdock and what characterized my rethinking of Bruce Banner. If you’re going to deal with your emotional problems honestly and change your life, the first thing you need to do is draw a line in the sand and say “ it’s going to be different from now on, starting here.”

-Mark Waid, from a great interview with the Comic Beat’s Matt O’ Keefe on his Daredevil and Indestructible Hulk runs.

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